Can Environmental Pollution Effect Our Skin


Pollution carries tiny harmful particles in the air, and even in water, that can harm the biggest organ of our body. These particles erode the Vitamin E and other good nutrients in the various layers and cells of our skin, which can trigger the deterioration of the dermis.

What is even more dangerous is that the effects of pollution on our skin cannot be determined overnight. Not like the sun where we instantly feel and see its impact on our skin. For air and water pollution, it would take some time before we recognize the harm it has already inflicted on our body. But to what extent can pollution break our skin?

Skin breakouts

Dust, smoke, oil and tiny particles that enter the pores may clog it leading to the development of acne, eczema or other skin diseases. With toxic chemicals that may be carried along with these elements, the skin will react adversely that may cause skin allergies and rashes.

Serious skin problems

Every day you are exposed to car exhaust, rainwater, cigarette smoke, smog, ground water, and various kinds of air and water pollution. Worse of all, pollution and its harmful radicals can cause serious skin problems, such as skin cancer, without you knowing it.

Dull & dry skin

Since these tiny specks and grains of dirt penetrate the skin’s barriers and can go deeper into its layers, they can also block the moisture and dry the skin. When this happens, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity. This will lead to the premature aging of the skin wherein wrinkles and an uneven skin tone may become visible.

To counter the negative effects of pollution on your skin, it is highly recommended that you clean your skin thoroughly day and night. Take out make-up before going to bed. To neutralize the free radicals in your body, apply a serum with antioxidants after you take a bath in the morning and after you wash your face at night. It also helps to consume foods that have antioxidant qualities, like berries, vegetables and other fruits. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week and moisturize it daily to nourish the skin with helpful oils that have been depleted due to pollution.