Get Outside And Enjoy The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Look, this post is really a reminder for us all. We all get so caught up in our day to day lives that we never seem to go outside anymore. And no, I am not talking about going to the mall or grabbing a bite to eat. I am talking about going outside and spending some time in nature. Go for a walk. A ride. Picnic. Our forests are shrinking and more polluted, so the time is now to go and explore before it is too late.

I often hear the excuse, “I am too overweight to go for a hike”. In this case and you really cannot go for a hike because of your weight, then sounds like you really need to lose weight and now. I too was overweight but managed to lose a whole bunch of weight using weight loss shakes. I personally used IdealShape and is worked for me. Once you are at a weight where you feel comfortable going for a walk/hike, here are some ideas for finding a good hike in your area:


  • Look for the closest National Park to you. National Parks are usually a really good place to start as the hiking trails are well signed and well kept. They are often breath taking and usually well worth a visit or 2. They often also offer camping sites for a reasonable price to let you get more in touch with the outdoors.
  • Google “best beginner hikes in (your area)”. These results should bring up forums and other website which often have great suggestions. Please bear in mind that some peoples suggested trails may not be signed well so use common sense when choosing a trail.
  • Visit an Information office in your city. Going to Information is a great place to get a lot of good ideas. You can usually get free maps from there also.
  • And finally, you could also ask friends or family for suggestions.


There you have it. You should now have the required information to find a hiking/walking trail that suits you. I would also recommend that you get the appropriate gear for the hike if you don’t already have it. I recommend at least a good pair of hiking shoes, appropriate clothing for the hike, plenty of water, and healthy snacks. Also, always let someone know where you are going and when you should be back.


Happy hiking!