The Environment Today

Factory pipe polluting air

The study of environmental studies relates to identifying and understanding environmental issues. There are a wide range of environmental issues we are currently facing. Some of these issues include pollution, land clearing, and the mining industry.

Here we will talk about each of them:


The most common forms of pollution are:
• Air pollution – Emissions from cars, factories, etc
• Light Pollution – This is over illumination of areas which can cause issues for some animals.
• Noise pollution – Construction noise, airports, road noises, etc
• Littering – People these days are carelessly throwing things out and not disposing of them properly. For example, I have seen many things in our beautiful forests from electronics to products for weight loss. These things should never be out in our forests.
• Water Pollution – This refers to the contamination of the water ways by chemical waste water. This can cause major issues for animals in the area.

Land Clearing / Deforestation

Land clearing or deforestation is the process of demolishing the forest and removing the trees. This may be for a number of reasons including to enable the area for another use of the land or sell the trees for profit.

Deforestation breakdown (approx. figures):
Agriculture is responsible for about 49%
Commercial agriculture is responsible for about 32%
Logging is responsible for about 14%
Fuel wood removals is responsible for about 5%

Mining Industry

You can’t argue that the mining industry does terrible things to our environment. Just look at the massive holes left in the ground, or any tailings dam spills/breaches. Although these days mining companies are held responsible for their mess ups (in some countries), there is still more that they can do to help the environment and lessen the impact of their work.

The good news is that things seem to be getting better. Environmental issues are getting more exposure and people / companies are being held responsible for their mistakes.